more bounce in california

before i say anything else, let me say that traveling with claire hogan is one of the best decisions i've ever made. for the record most of these photos are hers that we put in a shared album of about 1,600 photos (?!?!) from our trip. needless to say we had a good time.

okay, so,

i fully believe i was born to live in california. i know it's a fantasy but as soon as our plane hit the sweet golden state ground, i felt butterflies in my stomach (cheesiest line i've ever written). 

i could go through a full recap of our trip, but i think we'd all be pretty bored of that. here's a photo dump of some of my favorite captures from the trip as well as my LA map.


best dinner: hot hot food

best breakfast: trois familia

best coffee: intelligentsia

best brunch: cafe stella (get the eggs benedict—they serve it on hash browns instead of english muffins and it is LIFE CHANGING)

favorite neighborhood: silverlake

favorite museum: we went to LACMA and The Broad—if you're going to the Broad get tickets ahead of time. both were wonderful.

best airbnb in the world: highland park dream apartment

best paper goods store: the social type & shout + about

favorite clothing store: clare v

favorite activity: disneyland. hands down.

here are all the photos (that mainly claire took). enjoy.




a summer of no bad days

i'm lucky that i got to spend 3 months in the middle of the texas hill country doing what i love most: playing, laughing, photographing, videoing, and spending time with the Lord. 

i'm also lucky that i was blessed with some ridiculously talented creatives (and friends) on my media team. this is the team i lead out at laity lodge youth camp and i'm convinced that it's the best job out there.

the other day, the lovely and talented claire schaper and i went and pursued a short passion project. we make a great team and like to see each other's visions come to life. i love claire so much and know she has huge things in store. i really don't know if i've ever met someone as empathetic, loving, creative, and hilarious (laughing to the point of tears most days) all in one. i'm looking forward to being friends with claire for a very very very long time.

enjoy the photos.

photos by claire schaper, co-art direction by me

cool pool: david hockney

i am so ready for summer. i love everything summer stands for and everything it feels like. lately i've been inspired by david hockney's work, particularly his quirky details in the roosevelt pool in LA. what's inspiring you right now?