a summer of no bad days

i'm lucky that i got to spend 3 months in the middle of the texas hill country doing what i love most: playing, laughing, photographing, videoing, and spending time with the Lord. 

i'm also lucky that i was blessed with some ridiculously talented creatives (and friends) on my media team. this is the team i lead out at laity lodge youth camp and i'm convinced that it's the best job out there.

the other day, the lovely and talented claire schaper and i went and pursued a short passion project. we make a great team and like to see each other's visions come to life. i love claire so much and know she has huge things in store. i really don't know if i've ever met someone as empathetic, loving, creative, and hilarious (laughing to the point of tears most days) all in one. i'm looking forward to being friends with claire for a very very very long time.

enjoy the photos.

photos by claire schaper, co-art direction by me