nailed it

one of my new year's resolutions was to quit having man hands.

i'm serious.

i've lost weight in the past six months which has helped to the cause (sausage fingers, you guys) but oh no please don't hate me... i'm a nail biter.

it's gross. unattractive. downright disgusting. idk where my nails have been. (just kidding, but kind of not?)

oh, and to make matters worse, i had warts on my hands in elementary school. held too many toads i guess. but not really. needless to say my hands are scarred.

i'm not looking for a hand-transplant so i must simply make do. but how?

simple: more manicures. note: i also have man feet. help.

let me explain what that means. i didn't point blank write out "quit having man hands" but i did think a lot about self-care this year. when my boyfriend (spoiler: we are now back together) and i broke up, i decided to start taking care of myself. no longer would i use the makeup brushes i've had since i was 13 (uh, ew. also decided to start being more sanitary) and i would finally get the highlights i've always wanted, but ignored because of time and money. 

i noticed once i started taking better care of myself with my physical needs i felt so much better and so much more confident(although after i got highlights i ran into a girl who said,'oh cool! you bleached your hair!' uh no not exactly? help?) 

i think we sometimes categorize needs as wants or wants as needs, and i often am doing that when it comes to haircuts, pedicures, gym memberships, whatever. sometimes it is a need. you don't have to be rich or have all the free time in the world to take care of yourself. but i do think it's worth investing money in yourself and doing what makes you happy. i feel so happy when i go get a nice haircut at milk + honey so by gosh i'm gonna save up and do it! (note: i've only received two haircuts in my life time from milk + honey, and i typically go months without visiting the hairdresser... so don't be fooled.)

ugh okay, huge digression but all this to say i've always been o b s e s s e d  with olive & june and i finally visited last august. these gals nail nail art (ha. sorry...) but seeing all the amazing work they've done has inspired me to seek out cool nail art and maybe pay attention to my nails more. 

enjoy these pretty pictures and help me decide how to paint my nails (or tell me 'peyton i don't care if you don't like manicures, go get one! you'll be happy you did!'). (disclaimer: i will most likely paint my own nails and chip them off in a few days. OLD HABITS DIE HARD. help. again.)

also, do something for yourself today.



all images below from here. love the green dots & also dreaming of pink ombre. ooh and gray + stars.