books & zines

pinterest is one of my favorite social media because it is visually stimulating; however, it sometimes tends to be too much recycled content.

i love flipping through books and magazines. i stop when something catches my eye. books, zines, magazines, posters, maps. i love them all. i'm sort of a print hoarder.

i think i've said this before on my blog, but it really had an impact on me. my freshman year english professor (he was amazing!) told me, "if you want to be a good writer, you need to read good writing." so by the transitive property, i guess if you want to be a good artist, you need to see good art. 

where to begin? check these out.

1. gratuitous type: for the colorful, typography junkie


2. I LOVE TYPE series: i'm a big fan of viction:ary. they publish gorgeous products and if you're addicted to a typeface (cough, wes anderson and futura or perhaps the fact that there's a WHOLE DOCUMENTARY called helvetica) then you should check out one of these books.

3. perdiz magazine: i could write a description, but their about me speaks for itself:

"PERDIZ is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy. A compilation of amazing stories from common people. Happiness is contagious, did you know that?"

4. dansk magazine: an independent fashion magazine filled to the brim with beautiful photographs and styling.

5. rookie mag yearbook: i recently had a debate with someone about what girl power means to me. rookie mag definitely comes to mind when i think girl power. editor-in-chief tavi gevinson and her team have channeled what it means to be a teenager. i feel like i'm doodling in my journal or collecting snippets from magazines. the online magazine also has a book series called the rookie mag yearbook. 

all images are sourced from their websites which are linked in this post.