quirk hotel

the first time i went to richmond i made the mistake of booking my stay at a hotel that was not only far away from my office, but had a review that guests found blood on the sheets. uh ew. a business traveling n00b. then the day OF my flight out to richmond someone on instagram suggested i stay at quirk hotel. thank GOD i changed my reservation. last week was my second trip to richmond and once again i stayed at quirk.

everything in the hotel is a dream. from pink velvet couches to the greatest chocolate croissants i've ever had! it made my business trip seem almost like a vacation.

my boss has gone on a hunt for blade signs in san antonio but richmond has quite the selection. do you know what a blade sign is? it's  a sign that sticks out from a building almost as if it were a knife, or blade, stuck in the wall.


each corner of this neighborhood in richmond is marked with galleries. quirk even has a gallery located in the lobby with a gift store that is RIDICULOUSLY well curated. i loved it!


have you been to richmond before? if so, have you seen quirk? i need to go back during the summer and see the gorgeous rooftop bar & grab a moscow mule (with gin, not vodka...is that a kentucky mule? let me know) !