cake cake cake

i love sugar. they say sugar is a drug, and i've gotten better about mindlessly eating sugar, but i don't care. cake is one of my favorite manifestations of sugar. every time i go on instagram discover there are videos of cake decorating. 

here's a roundup of some of my favorite cake instagram accounts.

if you like food imposters & bright, playful treats

cade's cakes

i first met sam when i was a sophomore and she was cranking out fabulous cakes from her small kitchen in 2400 nueces. i asked if i could do my photojournalism project on her small and there is no doubt in my mind that my dinky project did not give her cakes justice. she can make anything you could ever imagine, and the best part is that it will taste like heaven. i was lucky enough to receive a pink, glittering sombrero cade's cake for my 20th birthday that read "we iz party." see my joy below. she is incredible.

if you want pixels to send you into a sugar coma, as well as whimsy, pastel, and macarons

georgia's cakes

i first found georgia's cakes when she was featured on instagram and her cakes IMMEDIATELY caught my eye (how could they not?!)  i love that georgia posts videos of her process. it gives me hope that one day i'll be able to frost a cake and bake a macaron. also, bonus, she's british!

if you like yummy pop culture references

drake on cake

i have a strong feeling that  joy the baker started this whole writing on store bought-esque cakes/writing funny, pop culture phrases on cakes. one of my favorite details is how she styles the photo around the cake. check out her account as well. it is sooo good.


do you have a certain type of instagram that you follow? fashion? design? baking? let me know!