hawaii trip

every year since my parents divorced my mom has taken my sister & me on a trip over the christmas holiday. so yes, that whole "i'll be home for christmas" thing is pretty irrelevant to me. i've been so lucky to travel to places such as LA, DC, Paris, and Peru! we traveled to maui this year and then went to honolulu for a few days. 

the first few days we stayed at the andaz maui and it was amazing. every room had one of these awesome hanging chairs & the gorgeous beach was almost enough to cure my nasty head cold.

wearing my heart on my sleeve, or better yet around my whole body, garnered a couple stares. i downed not one, but two, of these delicious smoothies called "road to hana." the coconut cream was the most important detail. i needed the vitamins, ok???

we saw both la la land and rogue one while in maui, and then jackie in honolulu. i've been an incredibly dedicated fan of star wars for a solid 21ish days so i was thrilled to see rogue one the first night of our vacation. even the movie theater in maui was the stuff of dreams. the interior was like jumping into my tv screen in the 90's: confetti tile, purple toilet stalls, and various neon shapes hanging from the ceiling. you may be scoffing that we saw a movie while in hawaii, but that's just how the #perrygirlgang rolls.

i most looked forward to visiting  leonard's malasadas. as soon as i sunk my teeth into that sugary cloud of a hawaiian doughnut, i realized why the line was out the door. i HIGHLY recommend leonard's if you are ever in honolulu. the branding is enough to send you into a sugar coma. pink, blue, and script?! it's as if this restaurant was made just for me.

is it really a trip to hawaii if you don't visit the pink palace?! my heart just about burst when i saw these pink umbrellas and this pink gingerbread replica of the hotel. dreamy.

until next time, aloha from the #perrygirlgang

did you travel anywhere for the holidays? have you been to hawaii? did la la land deserve the golden globe awards it collected on sunday night? let me know!