One of the worst things that you will ever do is look for a job. I'm not kidding. Maybe you are one of the lucky few that a job just falls into your lap (okay...that was kind of me), but regardless, it is stressful and worrisome. 

The thing that no one told me until I was making big life decisions was, "What you're doing, your location, your salary--it's important, sure--but more importantly, are you making the decision and surrounding yourself with those who are molding you into the person you want to become?"

This question led me into a HUGE existential crisis. Who am I? (24601!) Who do I want to be? What life do I want to live?

This all came to me as I was in Los Angeles visiting Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons. This trip was completely out of my comfort zone but it was one of the best weeks of my life. I was engaged in the sort of life I want to live.

Yes, that life includes eating ice cream for dinner, driving around in vintage cars, and inflating balloons for a living, but no, more importantly, it's about kindness. No one in the world is as kind as Jihan Zencirli and her crew, I'm CONVINCED. Unknowingly, she presented to me the exact person I want to become: genuinely considerate, someone who sees beauty in all things and people, & someone who makes others feel like $10 million bucks.

I love encouraging people. I've been told that's one of my strengths: shining the light on others. This can be exhausting sometimes and then is balanced with me being selfish to the ones who love me most (I'm sure if my sister is reading this she's saying 'If I have to go get Peyton a glass of water ONE more time!') but it is so necessary.

One thing I am NOT good at that makes me totally uncomfortable is outrageous hospitality. I like to bake cookies and clean my house when people come over, sure, but in college I really kept to myself. I did not open up my home to everyone, and I really valued the time I got to spend by myself (which was honestly, too much). I don't let others borrow my clothes, I don't necessarily like when people I don't know sleep in my bed, or use things that are special and important to me, and I sometimes cancel on plans. I get it--I'M THE WORST.

I initially said yes to hosting my small group every Tuesday at my house second semester senior year as a form of accountability. But WOW it turned into so much more. I was exposing myself, inviting people into my life, and opening up my heart for others. Hospitality isn't just an open home and a comfy bed, it's being vulnerable and being loved.

One trait of the person I want to become is someone who is outrageously hospitable. A family like the Rechners in Austin who my freshman year had a bunch of people over at 10:30 at night for waffles and were so generous to teenage strangers. Someone like Jihan who made little signs all around her house like in the bathroom mirror that said "LOOKIN' GOOD PP!" I want to become more open, more selfless, and more welcoming overall. Let's get started.

More signs Jihan had in her gorgeous little home for me.


I'm excited to continue these posts in an effort to show more of the person I want to become.