I get to work for one of my very favorite places on earth: the Canyon on the Frio. As soon as your tires hit the river... it's like magic. After 13 years of spending my summers out there, the gorgeousness is finally seeping into my soul. I feel so very surrounded by such a fantastic world that includes the rushing river and big stone walls that have been eroded over thousands and thousands of years.

While working for the Foundation, one of my favorite teams I've gotten to interact with is Laity Lodge. Their staff is very thoughtful. The guests are pretty fantastic. Their speakers and artists are incredibly talented.

Recently one of my coworkers presented us with work by the artist andrew ryan shepherd. I think this man is very talented, but what I loved was his project called "Laity Artifacts." They were little pieces of the Canyon organized beautifully.

Every day I think about how we take this wonderful world for granted. I make an effort that every time I walk to and from work to soak it all in. I've said it once and I'll say it again: that's why I love the clouds. They are always there, but not always recognized. They are always changing, yet still always the same. We sometimes forget to see them because we aren't looking UP! What a tragedy to think we are staring at a phone screen all day when there's a great big world to be explored. I like that Andrew collected little artifacts from the Canyon. I see a million leaves a day when I visit there, but I never appreciate the beauty of it.

You should check out more of ARS' work but also see his gorgeous detailed shots of the Canyon. I love that they're detailed shots—it means he has an appreciation for things that are commonly overlooked.