recently when i was meeting with my mentor, mia, we were discussing how i was going to develop my personal brand. in order to do that i needed to find inspiration. mia is always pushing me to find inspiration from things that are classic--pinterest is a well we're all drinking from... and yes, while it has some gems, it's so digital. we need the real stuff. the stuff pinterest was based on. 

enter my love, henri matisse.

while looking at my photos, my design aesthetic, and personal style, we noticed that i was drawn to things that were colorful, two dimensional and geometric. (no wonder i love otomi print so much)

when i first learned this about myself, i realized that henri matisse's cutouts were the epitome of what i liked. 

i know that these beauitful works of art will  inspire my rebranding process...i can't wait to see how.

i hope to see this exhibit one day in the flesh. my oh my it's beautiful.

take a look at his exhibit here!