so on my resume, my last three interests are "baking, throwing confetti, and predicting the academy awards." these might seem foolish to some but they each hold a certain significance to me.

i love the concept of creativity and the right brain--in fact, i've talked about flow before. one important aspect of engaging in creative activities and hobbies is that they can stretch us in new ways and develop our creativity in ways we weren't initially imagining. for me, baking is one of those things.

a cake i baked for my mom's birthday

a cake i baked for my mom's birthday

i think it's important for those who read my resume to know that baking is one of my biggest interests. baking is a way for me to unwind and destress but at the same time a way for me to challenge myself to beat my own "personal records."  oh you've made a layer cake? why don't you make another that's pink! oh you've made cake from a box? why don't you try from scratch! pie?? you don't even like pie? you should try making one!

these are all parts of my inner-dialogue. it reminds me of a quote of i once read that was basically saying "quit measuring yourself against others--free yourself from comparison and competition. your biggest competitor is yourself! challenge yourself to beat your own personal records." baking is one place where i DON'T compare myself to others. i have a friend named sam who is an incredible baker (her cake recipe is the nectar for the gods i'm pretty sure) and i know that even if i went to culinary school my skills would continue to pale next to sam's. and that's OKAY and great!!! she's my little mentor in baking. i can tend to be a competitive person (that's one of the reasons i'm in the media sequence i think...) but baking has given me freedom from that stress.

one of the many photos i took whilst baking chocolate chip cookies this semester

one of the many photos i took whilst baking chocolate chip cookies this semester

for me baking is like a puzzle--follow the instructions carefully to yield an incredible masterpiece. but it's something even more than a puzzle... it's like a board game with specific rules but yet they're rules you're allowed to break! i love taking risks and baking allows me to do so. it's so fun.

more than that, baking brings people together. i was able to love on people this year with my constant chocolate chip cookie supply (i made at least 50 batches of chocolate chip cookies this year... i'm pretty sure... somewhere between 40-50) and it was a reason to have people come over into my home. 

so now i've started to get cookbooks and make things out of those. cookbooks are so fun. there are little secrets from the writers that you get to apply to all the recipes you make... not just the ones listed. (christina tosi has changed the way i make cookies forever... and they taste so much better... how?!) it's like being personal friends with someone who's an expert in the field of your interest. 

so, when you read my resume, and you think to yourself "why did this girl include things like confetti and cookies on her resume?" you'll think about this post and my explanation of why baking is an important aspect of who i am. it shows that i can follow directions but i love to break the rules (in a smart way... don't try to break the rules in a dumb way while baking because that's just stupid.), i value others and want to make them feel loved, and lastly, i love science! ha just kidding... science is my least favorite subject (even though chemistry is essentially what baking is... i can't understand science) no... but lastly you'll see that i take the time to take care of myself and foster unconventional interests. i love to bake. that may have nothing to do with my future career, but i value my mental health and wellness and will take the time and money to foster my interests and keep my sanity.

more on the inclusion of confetti + the academy awards on my resume at a later date.