earlier this semester i saw one of my favorite designers, jett butler, speak at UT.  i took avid notes from his lecture and hung off his every word as if he was telling me the secrets to life.

i think jett and his studio are fantastic. he's approachable, wise, smart and has an awe-inspiring aesthetic. i've been thinking a lot lately about some of the things he said and he mentioned where he came from and how he was raised. 

one of the first things he said was that you have to know where you're from. your inspirations, struggles, flaws -- you have to roll all the way back.

for him it was the beatles, basketball, jazz fusion, native american art (me too, jett!), travel, the west, airports, family wanderlust, looking up things in a dictionary (his mom never told him what things were), sporting events -- he mentioned his parents were hippie vagabonds.

i'm currently trying to "rebrand myself" (what a strange concept) and as i'm starting the process i think it begins with knowing yourself well: what do i like? what do i dislike?  but even before that: where do i come from?

i think knowing ourselves can be scary at times. addressing your flaws and fears and how that affects your art. yet it's cool. they say that writers write about things they know--that's what makes a good writer. well, is the same true with design? are the good designers the ones who are drawing from who they are inside? i think yes.

i didn't exactly grow up with hippie vagabond parens, but like i said, there are one or two things with which i can relate to jett.

i think i'm greatly inspired by the west and native americans (the dances with wolves soundtrack was playing in my mom's delivery room as she had me... so i think i didn't have a choice). i've been to new mexico so many times that i know my way around the state and cities. 

i'm inspired by the romantic colors of the desert. with that said, i'm incredibly inspired by this instagrammer: stella maria baer.

when scrolling through my feed i can't help but stop and drool at her incredible art. her style screams southwestern, new mexico desert. i'm drawn to her style. these are my roots and i'm not complaining.

these images were courtesy of this lovely lady here ! you should check out more and work on finding where you come from.