it's been a week and i'm loving my graphic design/photography internship with the moody college. it's been such a great opportunity--particularly because the people i work with are so cool.

the college's web designer, andy greer, is my main overseer and he's an awesome mentor for me. he's incredibly approachable & he believes in me which is a huge deal for a young creative like myself. he also is patient with me & creates a fantastic learning environment -- whenever i ask him a question on how to design something, he gets his hands dirty (hypothetically speaking--i mean, we're all working with computers) and teaches me his vast knowledge of CS6.

one other thing about my job is that while i'm learning a lot, my mentors have created a relaxed environment that allows me to gather inspiration. it's the most ideal internship for me--i learn so much every time i go! i'm already sad that it ends in a couple months.

i was given my next project and started gathering inspiration pieces for it, browsing the various design resources i have looking for anything that will spark an artistic idea. i love falling down rabbit holes.

today i stumbled on Karl Hebert. hebert works at local austin agency: mcgarrah jessee. if you're an ad student at UT, you've probably heard about this fantastic agency 11920319239 times. they're a small austin agency with clients like whataburger and central market (their CM stuff is GENIUS -- all their stuff is genius, honestly.)

check out some of Hebert's work/process images on his website & below!