& we're back in business.

hello! it's been so long, and for that i apologize. i love my blog but it's been hard to keep myself on it. the end of junior year was a whirlwind, presenting our project to american express (the most exciting & fulfilling project of my college career!) and then moving out of the white house, going straight to camp for 12 weeks, moving into my new house in austin, starting my senior year (getting murdered by digital metrics + analytics...), & starting my internship. woah. taking a breath.

anyway, i'm not really sure what's going to become of this blog or what the few people who still read it (thanks you guys!) want, but i'll just keep writing and hopefully something will stick.

so for today i want to introduce you to my newest inductee of my very own cool girl club:  kailah ogawa.

kailah, originally from hawaii, oozes cool beach girl vibes. her designs are just my taste--colorful, simple, and that playful beach feel. i would love to be real life friends with her -- i think we'd have fun.

click that link to check her portfolio + follow her on instagram! + check out her tumblr.

it's good to be back, my friends.