Hi. Hiatus.


hi. i know it's been a bit of a hiatus but here i am. & no offense to you, but i don't feel the need to apologize for my little hiatus. i think this is important for you to know. don't get me wrong, i care about you a lot, dear reader. i don't know who you are, which is kind of thrilling, but know that i appreciate you, wherever you are, and i believe in you & would love to know you. anyway as i was saying, i feel no need to apologize to you. consistency is important and i do love this blog, but at the end of the day i'm not doing this to please you. i'm not posting photos on instagram to make you think some way about my life. i'm doing it because it's something i enjoy. yes, that's selfish but it's important for you to know. even if i get zero page views, zero likes, zero followers, i'm still going to post things as a little visual diary for myself. i'm going to engage in a digital art form i enjoy. i think in this digital age we lose sight of what's important to us & i never want to do anything like that. i don't want to change. i don't want to copy people. i don't want to be jealous. i just want to be me & document how i see the world. & if you're in it for the ride, then i'm pumped! let's connect! let's make this scary, dark world we live in a little bit brighter (and a little bit better looking! confetti guys. 2015: more confetti).

OKAY OKAY OKAY. enough of that.

here's a little update:

  • the end of november was insane. i finished a semester long project which was undoubtedly the hardest thing i've done in my college career. AND IT PAID. OFF. my team won best project and i won an award called "female MVP"! it was surreal. still reeling a month and a half later.
  • the beginning of december was somewhat calm filled with trying new austin restaurants and spending full days at home in austin.
  • the second half of december went back to being crazy:
    • some friends visited san antonio & we got to take nice walks & relax.
    • i went to celebrate emily in houston &  sarah as an incredible host! i love her family + home + her version of houston.
    • i went to LONDON. more on that later. i think i've found my future home.
    • i also went to nashville, tn! spent some good time with good camp friends. it was very much needed.

and now here we are. january 9th. did you set resolutions? i didn't but have a small running list in my head.

a couple of exciting things to announce in the next couple weeks regarding my summer plans + stuff going on this semester. i'm also working on a complete website redesign--eek!

cheers for being back! i'm excited to share with you guys things that inspire me & happenings.