last year i made a big deal about how 2014 was the year of the peyton. some things had been extra meh in 2013 and i was convinced i was going to make 2014 the best year yet.

well, i think 2014 was year of they pey. not all the way to year of the peyton, but a good half way.

this is a photo from 2014. not as much optimism as i had thought at the beginning of the year. + a little more angst than i had expected.

i learned a lot in 2014. i learned a lot in 2013. and 2015 is shaping up to be a year where i, SPOILER ALERT, learn a lot.

i've said this before here, but i'm a professional at being told "no" or "not yet." THAT my friends, is a very hard lesson to learn, but i think that i'm finally actually learning it. not the whole "yes i'm experiencing trials and tribulations that are testing my faith i understand it all, from now on please refer to me as oh wise one" type of learning but more like "this is hard. i get it. but it's necessary. and i really get that." (so much eloquence...)

you're going to be told no and you're going to be rejected, but what you do with that and how you respond can really change everything. quit holding your poisonous resentment, quit throwing pity parties, quit posting passive aggressive sub-instagrams at people you're upset with (see: i hate you so much photo posted above.) just kidding, that was not targeted toward anyone. or was it?! KEEP YA GUESSING. moral of the story: you can sit around and be upset but what does that do? nothing.

throughout the tough times of high school and college, i've found that when i take my sad energy and repurpose it towards meaningful things, THAT'S where the magic happens.

with that said, i thought i would share some exciting things with you!

  1. I was just accepted today for an internship with the Moody Communication College (my school at UT) for a graphic design/photography job! 
  2. I was asked and brought onto the Go Rings team as a Brand Image Developer & Social Media Manager. That's resume speak for I take a lot of instagrams and establish a specific brand style.
  3. Last week I was accepted into a competitive Media Planning Sequence in the advertising major at UT. Media Planners are the people who decide which ads go where and when to serve who--they also negotiate the buying, etc. etc. You can see my video for my application here.
  4. At the very beginning of my Christmas break I found out that I'm going to be serving as a programmer at LLYC this summer! Unless you go to LLYC you probably have no idea what that is--it's essentially the person who comes up with the thematic concept of the camp sessions which includes all events/skits/nightly "clubs," and more. I'm doing the job with two of my very good (very wacky & funny) friends and I can't wait to see what the summer has in store.

I'm thrilled by all of these opportunities--and terrified out of my wits. These are all things extremely out of my comfort zone, things that I've thought about going back on, and things that are going to force me to put myself out there. I've talked the talk ("the best things happen outside of your comfort zone!" "say yes to new things!") and now i have to walk the walk.


okay. that's enough for now.