I think London just may have broken my heart -- in a bittersweet way. I'm obsessed.

Last night my family and I saw the movie Paddington and I kid you not it is one of my new favorite movies/one of the best I saw this year. the movie made me CRY! and laugh. it was brilliant. (that bear is the cutest thing i've ever seen bearing (no pun intended) a strong resemblance to kip!) in all honesty, i would go see it again.

i could continue on about this movie, but i think one of the other reasons why i enjoyed it so much was because i was familiar with all of the london locations -- i even recognized where the brown's house was! 


i had such great fun on our trip to london. i could go on and on about every single detail of every thing we did but that might bore you. instead here are couple (of the hundreds) of photos I took. i'll definitely be back soon--maybe even to live there. i'm OBSESSED now. & have a mad crush on benedict cumberbatch + eddie redmayne. oops.