"Invisibilia is a series about the invisible forces that shape human behavior."

much like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD, i was addicted to the podcast serial. who do you think did it? i'm convinced it was the girl who can't pronounce "mail chimp." (...kimp?)

while others may have fell into a deep depression sans serial/sarah koenig, i, instead, was interested in finding new npr addictions. so i started invisibilia.

invisibilia is new--i've only listened to the first episode and thought it was fascinating. it was all about thoughts. i don't really want to spoil the first episode for you, but it was really something to...well... think about. between interesting anecdotes and psychological commentary, i was learning something new not only about the world around me, but MYSELF. i strongly suggest you subscribe to invisibilia. it's crazy captivating.

i'm excited to see what tomorrow's episode is about!