for new years this year i went to nashville. it was so fun. we did some sight seeing, went to quite a few coffee shops (the nashville ones are so much better than offense austin), but the best times i had were in conversation with my friends who i get to see so very limited times throughout the year. we played a lot of fishbowl (cheers to henry for pulling oscar proud out of thin air) and watched chanse dance around the living room one too many times & introduce us to one too many weird songs (stanky booty...?)--yet those were the times that i'll most enjoy.

one thing i love about going to new places--particularly friends' hometowns--is meeting their friends, and thus making NEW friends. (i just said friends as much as a netflix advertisement, apologies.)

my pal lily had told me all summer "i can't wait for you to meet my friend coley! i think you guys would have a lot in common!" & after instagram stalking her  i realized we did in fact have a lot in common!

i met coley when we were celebrating lily's birthday with dinner and she was so very nice and incredibly easy to talk to. when she told us her major was nursing, i was seriously taken aback: "a nursing major who's this talented at photography?! maybe it's her minor." but sure enough photography is simply an interest for her. i think that sometimes i get too hung up on the fact of what your major is will dictate the rest of your life which could not be further from the truth. i think with will and ambition, you can go wherever you please (now i just need to keep reminding mySELF of this truth...)

back to coley--she was just plain cool! & it was so fun after looking at her pictures to finally meet her. every so often this fall i would go check out her blog documenting her study abroad adventures in paris & every time i found myself wiping drool off of my keyboard because her pictures were just so dreamy--i was also drooling out of INSANE jealousy. is drool a symptom of jealousy? beside the point. don't forget i'm a huge francophile.

in addition to being interesting, coley was very nice. i've found that it's so important to ask people questions about themselves -- as a form of conversation it shows genuine interest in a person. coley did just that--she was interested in getting to know us.

okay enough with the creepy girl crush--here are some of my favorite selections from her blog. you should definitely check it out! 

favorites: the ones from fashion week and the hand pointing off from the eiffel tower--that one in particular is my favorite. the disturbance is incredible. i could use some SERIOUS lessons in how to photograph strangers + how to edit + how to TAKE photos from coley!


oh and if moving pictures are more your style, check out some of her vids!