i first heard it when i was in my freshman class, the psychology of love, optimism & virtue, but it's been a buzzword for what seems like all of college. it's flow.

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flow, which was proposed by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (i wonder if substitutes had a hard time pronouncing that one?) , is when you're so immersed in an activity, absorbed in what you're doing, you lose concept of the outside world. it's getting in "the zone."

we discussed flow a lot last year in my creative psychology class, and even today when i was reading the new york times it was mentioned that flow is positively affecting you at all times.

i'm not sure when i experience flow the most. when i'm making a video i often lose track of time, or when i'm designing something/crafting something.

think about it: when do you experience flow? do more of that.