the other day i was on refinery29 and i began to read an article on kate brien & styling denim. i thought kate brien was so cool & the article mentioned her blog "view from the topp."

  original source

original source

kate was quintessential cool. girl gets it. she has a style blog, but it's not your typical style blog with cheesy poses that leave you wondering "but who TOOK this photo?! & was that awkward? or like how did you know? is this what you always look like!??!?"

her blog "view from the topp" takes OOTD photos, but all from above & we know how much i love from above photos (ahem, @wesanderson).

below are some of my favorites. check out her blog. i like her twist on an overdone method of sharing style posts.

  all images courtesy of  view from the topp

all images courtesy of view from the topp