i like doing new things. i also like neon lights, disco balls, and cheesy party carpet.

aka rollercades were made for me.

this week i was reunited with one of my best friends, grace anne. i knew we wanted to adventure, so i thought of a couple ideas... but then it hit me: "why not go to a roller rink?!" naturally, just as any other millennial would, i googled "roller rink austin" and what do ya know?! playland skate came up.

only 15 minutes from my house, playland was perfect because it was inexpensive & had just reopened TODAY after redoing their floors to be hardwood. essentially, i made history. one of the first people to skate on this new floor. just me, grace anne & a ton of 8 year olds. (i know that was improper english but it was for effect, okay?)

there was a giant disco ball in the shape of roller skate with neon lightning bolts coming out of it. & of course there was the party carpet floor that you remember from just about every 3rd grade birthday party you went to... (fun fact: my sweet 16 was a tacky prom theme at our roller rink. i guess i was a late bloomer when it came to having your birthday at the roller rink...)

it was one of the most fun & random afternoons i've ever had. i'll never forget the quirky dad in overalls on skates or the couple that kept two stepping (imagine if we had gone to the ADULT SKATE NIGHT. #blessed by those @eightyearolds)

wee! happy monday