when i started listening to sufjan stevens in the 7th grade, i had no idea how formative it would be toward my eventual taste in music. my brain marches to the beat of a different drummer. my junior year of high school i was lucky enough to see sufjan stevens live & he performed some of the beloved classics, like chicago, but it was the tour for his album age of adz.

this album is heavily electronic & sounds very distant from his stuff on his 50 states albums or seven swans. when i started getting really into tUnE-yArDs' most recent album, nikki nack, i couldn't help but be reminded of the weird sounds from stevens' age of adz.

& thus, the culmination of my love for merril garbus' bizarre project that is tUnE-yArDs evolved and became complete.



pitchfork's review of "nikki nack" relates merrill garbus to the Dirty Projectors or St. Vincent as an artist "who lives with weird but flirts with normal." what an incredible way to put it.

i'm gearing up to see tUnE-yArDs at ACL in a couple days (and i'm dying to see them for their late show on sunday night, but i can't imagine anyone who'd want to go with me because she's so odd.)

her sound and style is strange, but in a quirky way, addictive. i've been listening to her non-stop. a huge thanks to the guy who first introduced me to tune-yards, as nikki nack is becoming a quick soundtrack for my fall.

if you're starting out listening to her raw lyrics + sound, check out "gangsta," "bizness," & "you yes you." BUT if you're daring to try getting into her new stuff, listen to "water fountain," "hey life," & "real thing." you may not like it at first but i think if you're anything like me, it'll eventually infect your soul... in a good way?

check out this concert. she's so BA.