i think my favorite time of the week is sunday morning when i have a newspaper in my hands. it's a world of information at my fingertips waiting for me to discover something new. my favorite section of the newspaper is in the sunday styles titled "modern love."

i don't consider myself a hopeless romantic but every week these half page stories fascinate me. it's like sitting down with a relative & getting a peek into their life, experiences, & wisdom.

i remember a girl i knew in high school read the new york times every morning & i thought to myself, "how could you do that? & why?" hm, what an ignorant statement--it's now my favorite part of the week!

i strongly recommend reading a newspaper. it doesn't have to be this one, but you learn a wealth of information from taking some time out of your day to relax & read words about issues in our world, places you've never seen, people you haven't met, foods you haven't tried, & so much more to expand your mind.