i often feel like my little dot of the country is the last to get anything cool. i search high + low for things (cronuts... where are you? i'm NOT talking about these ) but always to no avail. that's when i about flipped when i walked into paper source for the first time last year and found washi tape.

hopefully you know what washi tape is, but if you don't, its essentially colorful masking tape from japan. easy to find, right? WRONG. i struggled to find this stuff since i first found it but it's finally trickled down into my hands + in the products of scotch tape. (which call me a washi snob, but i'm partial to types that aren't big name brands...)

washi can be used for so much. scrolling through the MT website they had houses COVERED in washi! heck look at this car?!!?

i use washi on envelopes to seal letters + to tape my polaroids on my wall. i think it looks adorable on stationery, just as one of my favorite stationery masters, annie, demonstrates. this summer she went to a shop in paris that was the most washi tape i've ever seen in a photo in a store...

i'm dying to find washi tape that is white with little red hearts like the kind in this design love fest tutorial:

& that gold foil tape??? omg!

i was recently telling someone i wanted to travel to japan, but felt like i was ignorant of the big staples of the washi tape a big staple of japanese culture? it is the birthplace of washi tape... so... reason to start looking up flights to tokyo, right?

well, if you need me, i'll be scouting washi tape online.




some good washi tape carriers: