i think crushes are so fun. there's a certain excitement where you feel like you're back to the age of passing notes & telling all your friends to SWEAR they won't tell anyone who you like. or maybe even telling your crush on AIM that you like them but then when they say "lol wut" & you just go "LOL sry my bff totally stole my keyboard! haha i like u as a friend!" (not that i know from experience...)

i don't have much experience in the dating world (ha, vulnerability!) but there was an instance not toooo too long ago where I was almost positive this guy liked me, but what sealed the deal was when he came up to me, handed me a blank CD & said, "hey, would you burn me a mixed CD of some songs you really like?" 

HA, what is this... the early 2000's!?!? just follow me on spotify, cory matthews! 

but that's when i knew he liked me.

well, i did a terrible job. my music taste was there... but it wasn't cohesive. it wasn't nearly as fantastic as his product of a burned CD. i couldn't even come up with a clever title. it's amazing he still liked me after that hour and a half CD imported into his iTunes. (note: i'm single now. maybe he really diiiidn't like my taste in music--awk!)

I think of this memory fondly, it was a funny, special moment. & now i'm super knowledgable about the music i'm listening to and sharing with others.

i decided to compile a list of potential songs i would put on a CD if this ever happens again and call it my mixtape playlist. i'll probably continue to update it. also, unlike a CD that's carefully crafted with a specific beginning & ending song, my playlist is best when put on shuffle. i listen to all my music on shuffle. i also very much love surprises, so... oooh! and it's more than "180" minutes. hip hip hooray.

subscribe & enjoy!

& if you're a cute boy, this one's for you... hahahahaha. (if you're a boy that reads this blog... or even if you're someone who isn't my mom... hey!) (also, hey meme.)