i'm a cliché. i've said it once, i'll say it again. (except i don't like coffee--that's one point for me, hipsters.) & in being a cliché, i really really really want to go to marfa.

i love the aesthetic of marfa: it's retro, southwestern desert. it's cool because it's a little artistic hub in practically the middle of nowhere. they say that marfa is a place of "mañanafesto" which is explained the understanding that instant gratification is not always a thing & it's important to sit back and enjoy today.  i've had my eyes on two well known marfa hotels: el cosmico & thunderbird hotel.

el cosmico is the sister hotel of austin's hotel san jose & hotel st. cecilia, as well as san antonio's hotel havana (home of my absolute favorite: ocho.) el cosmico is curated wonderfully, but the rooms range from teepees, to camping grounds, to renovated trailers, to a yurt! how cool! definitely not your traditional hotel experience.

the other, more traditional hotel type is thunderbird hotel.

original source

original source

with a good design & a clean, modern aesthetic, the thunderbird hotel holds 24 rooms & has been around since 1959. recently renovated by the architects of lake flato, thunderbird remains trendy, yet classic. it's a stylish haven which i would love to get to.


life moves slow in marfa, but i wouldn't mind it. crossing my fingers to end up in this hipster oasis asap.