E M M Y ' S

love watching award shows, & tonight is the primetime emmy's...

above is my favorite, vince gilligan, accepting an award for his television series, Breaking Bad. (i spy bryan cranston + co in the background) if you haven't watched breaking bad yet,

1. where have you been?

2. stop what you're doing and watch it right now.

i think some people believe that television isn't a true form of art, but i'd have to disagree. i'd have to disagree a hundred million per cent. never before have i watched a film, seen a painting, read a book, etc etc that has affected me the way that breaking bad did. i think that has a lot to do with seeing reflections of people i know in the television show. the transformation of walter white breaks my heart, to the point i'm tearing up a little just thinking about it. okay, that's weird.

this was an incredible year for television. i  finished watching the netflix original, House of Cards, way too fast because it was so good, Homeland is a go to favorite, True Detective, while I only watched the pilot, blew me away, Leslie Knope will always make me smile, Jimmy Fallon has done an incredible job inheriting The Tonight Show, and I even embarrassingly watched all 3 seasons of Scandal at the beginning of this summer--in an incredibly speedy amount of time.

it probably sounds like i watch a lot of tv, but i'll only watch the stuff nominated for awards--the critically acclaimed stuff (with, of course, a break now and again for some TLC... #embarrassing...)

I'm looking forward to watching along with the Emmy's. Some people could care less, but to each their own. it's people being recognized for the materialization of their dreams--what could be more fascinating?