i can taste the blue corn and see the turquoise from here.

we're talking about santa fe.

i've been coming to this pueblo city since i was, well, not even 1 year old. my first birthday was spent in santa fe, and i've gone at least once every year since. i've been to santa fe maybe 50 times in my life--it's essentially my second home.

above are some photos, and below are some of my recommendations if you ever find yourself in the magical city in the land of enchantment.



wow, where to begin. the food here is incredible, and to narrow down is hard. here are a couple options:


  • Tecolote
    • Tecolote might be currently closed, but this quirky little restaurant serves some of the best breakfast I've ever had. With dishes ranging from New Mexican breakfast (of course, that includes red & green chile, or as the locals call it: christmas) to Chocolate Chip Tollhouse pancakes. It's small & quaint, and covered with owl paraphernalia--their mascot. Oh, but if you have a craving for toast, then just forget about it. It clearly reads on the front of the menu, NO TOAST. Weird, right?
  • Counter Culture
    • Okay, really the only thing I can say here is cinnamon roll the size of your face. That's really all you need to know.
  • Clafoutis
    • When I asked my mom what kind of food they served, her response was plainly "Fabulous food," so if you trust Meme then I say go. It's a French Bakery--so imagine fresh crepes galore and the like. I've never been, but I'm drooling just thinking about it.


  • Cafe Pasqual's
    • The logo itself is papel picado, so you know I love it. The line for Pasqual's is always going out the door, but you have to go. All organic, the food is just downright good. My recommendation is the Toasted BLT with Green Chile and Chile Bacon. Oh, and they serve it on corn bread so...yeah.
  • Tia Sofia's
    • A short walk from the plaza, Tia Sofia's is your classic, around the corner, New Mexican restaurant. The sopapillas are on point. If you are in the Plaza area, absolutely stop in here for some casual NM food.
  • The Shed/La Choza
    • La Choza is the sister restaurant of The Shed--a very popular New Mexican restaurant. Go to either--fun, New Mexican atmosphere and tasty NM food.
  • Shake Foundation
    • new restaurant, this is essentially Santa Fe's version of the Shake Shack. If you're craving the atmosphere or taste of one of NYC's staples, try a bite.
  • Blake's Lotaburger
    • Okay, so, Blake's... it's fast food and it holds a dear place in my heart. In my book it's above Whataburger and below In-N-Out, but hey, I don't love fast food so I could really tell ya, you'll have to be the judge. Hands down, best ice ever. Even if you just want an afternoon Diet Coke pick-me-up--check out Blake's.
  • The Plaza Diner
    • Located on the Plaza is The Plaza Diner. It's a mix of New Mexican and vintage diner, but the best part of all are the desserts. Coconut Cream Pie with coconut baked in the crust, and a brownie sundae that is certain to make you gain 2 pounds but you don't care because it tastes so good. When I was little, if you told them your birthday, they'd come out singing and clapping and have silly string everywhere. Oh the good ol' days.
  • Santa Café
    • Santa Cafe is one of the nicer restaurants in Santa Fe and would be delightful for dinner as well. It's a little pricier, but the outside courtyard, its location, and it's deLICIOUS food are worth it.


  • Tesuque Market
    • This "general store"/restaurant may be one of my favorites in all Santa Fe. It's about a 15 minute drive out of town and they have some goooood brick oven pizza (in addition to your favorite NM classics and American food... if you were wondering if green chile is on every menu... it is...) It's a fun atmosphere with yummy goodness and if you go to the big table in the "market" area, and open the drawer, you'll find a drawer full of wishes (pictured above). Add a wish of your own!
  • Geronimo
    • This is for your nice dinner. Don't know much about Geronimo (I've never been) but I know many people who say this is their favorite restaurant in Santa Fe.
  • Tomasita's
    • The epitome of New Mexican. It's right by the railyard and this food is just so very classic Santa Fe. Repeat on those wonderful sopapillas.

To Do & See:

  • The Plaza
    • The Plaza is the center of Santa Fe. There are always artisans selling their handmade jewelry (usually with turquoise or silver) and there are plenty of stores and shopping around, in addition to food booths, ice cream shops and other eateries. Nearby are historical hotels & churches or you can just sit on a bench and watch the colorful culture and people go by. Bonus points if you get your dog to join.
  • Canyon Road
    • Canyon Road is a narrow street lined with galleries. So much art and they're all next door to each other. Just walk in and out and admire all the beautiful works of art.
  • The Flea Market
    • On the weekends in the summer, about 15 minutes away are at least 100 booths filled with anything from silver and turquoise jewelry to clothing and home goods. Absolutely worth the treasure hunt.
  • Jackalope
    • Speaking of treasure hunts... Jackalope is full of funny novelties but also tons of jewelry and home goods. Even barn animals, ha!
  • The Santa Fe Opera
    • If you want to shell out the money for the ticket, it's absolutely worth it. The sets and the singing are astounding, but what's even more amazing is the opera theater. It's an outdoor theater where you can see the beautiful sunsets from your seat.
  • Parks on Parks on Parks
    • There are parks everywhere. Even in the winter, a good walk (whether that's to the cross of the martyr's or our favorite "the dog park") is so fun in this beautiful city.

and if you're feeling super adventurous...

Drive to ABQ! I'm sure the Breaking Bad paraphernalia is crazy--I'm dying to find the pop up sets of Los Pollos Hermanos.

There are a ton more hidden jewels in the town that I would love to share. If you're planning a trip here and want some recommendations--hit me up!

I hope you enjoyed this virtual vacation! Still cursing that I didn't get the chance to go to SF this past week due to illness...had that trip planned since January, ugh.