an art medium that i've been particularly enthralled with lately has been collage. steve jobs has a quote on creativity in which he defines creativity as simply being able to make connections. in my introduction to creativity class this past semester we spent a lot of time talking about how creative brilliance was found between taking two unlikely items and synthesizing them to make something new. i find this fascinating and just the case when it comes to a collage.

my aunt is an art therapist: essentially she works with people through their lives while using art. she works with a lot of adolescent girls and their eating disorders. many of the projects she does include collages. she has stacks upon stacks of old magazines which she picks out interesting cut outs.

i was initially turned off to the idea of a collage, but i blame that on the countless projects you do in elementary school to make unappealing works of art.

as i'm gearing up to move in, i want to create artwork for my house, and a collage may just be next on my to do list.

i found major inspiration from these and the like. sources to be found on dezeyne & dezeyen 2


health update: not much better, but so we carry on.