maybe it's due to my affinity for striped shirts, or maybe my love of croissants, but i'm absolutely and undeniably a francophile.

i dream of monet's gardens & have tried to mimic the mona lisa smile (okay, maybe not the second one because does it creep anyone else out or is that just me?) and i know with my heart and my soul that paris is a magic city. okay, maybe the cheesiest sentence EVER written by yours truly, but there is something so magical about paris. the history, the buildings, the way the language sounds. i love. i want to have that je ne sais quoi. ugh why did i take spanish in high school, just like all the other students in south texas? (oh but don't get me wrong, me encanta la cultura hispanohablante.)

i digress i digress. i love the movie "midnight in paris." in fact, one of my first posts on my little blog was about how much i love paris and that movie. the opening KILLS ME. kills me like les mis kills you. in a good way? idk.

oh sidney bichet, you are breaking my heart right now. just get edith piaf singing la vie en rose and i'm a goner (i'm also a cliche, have we mentioned that yet?)


i don't just love paris, i love all of france. i've had the luck to go to france twice in my life but once was when i was 12 on a student trip where we had to wear maroon polos and khaki bermudas every other day (so does it count? eh...) in fact, i completed a homestay in france! which you think might make me enjoy the country less... it did kind of freak me out and was nothing like i imagined.. i mean nothing...but it was Nice (ha literally... it was in Nice, France). okay okay anyway i've been lucky enough to go along the mediterranean as well as into paris (paris more recently. i wore a beret and a cape so let's just say the fashion choices were tres bien). cannes, anywhere on the riviera, it was incredible...


because i'm a girl who's in love with paris, just like almost every other girl on the planet, i love woody allen's midnight in paris. (yeah i geetttt it i already mentioned that, get over it.) but last night i got to see his most recent film with colin firth and emma stone. 

magic in the moonlight.



this movie got a bad review, well, according to rotten tomatoes (which i get the name, but that doesn't make me trust the website as much... what about no? okay.) but it was charming. okay, let's be real, colin firth and emma stone are not a likely couple, but i was most taken aback by the beautiful scenery and gorgeous 1920's costumes.

(oh i also love the 20's. just a PS. in fact i love a lot of decades. stay tuned)

the movie takes place on the french riviera and my oh my is it gorgeous.

images courtesy of magic in the moonlight.

go watch the trailer, see the movie, be charmed, and thank me later. i think if you enjoyed midnight in paris and you like happy, fluffy films, go for it.