i'm sure that inside my brain are a bunch of tiny people with insane amounts of mylar cutting up little tassels and hanging it from my cerebellum to my frontal lobe. 

cool? yes. scientifically sound? probably not.

so when i stumbled on confetti system about a year ago, my heart skipped a beat. these people get it.

really i have no doubt that inside my head there's a whole construction team, and i'm sure the same can be said of the creators of the confetti system: Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, whose mission is to "transform simple materials such as tissue paper, cardboard and silk into interactive objects that create a point of focus, where memories are made and a spontaneous collaboration with the viewer is sparked." 

their clients range from the most well known brands and celebrities to custom orders. we all know how much i love to make things with my own two hands so you better believe confetti system has inspired my room for this year.



images courtesy of confetti system's instagram and website