okay so i know i've been on a serious hiatus but i think that's a good sign.

so here's a gallery of some of my photos from this summer:

my summer started off with a visit from emily and (hasn't yet ended) ended with a trip to Turks & Caicos. there are a few more summer adventures to be had in the next two weeks (trips planned for out of state family and internships) but the majority was spent in the frio canyon of laity lodge youth camp.


to say this summer was "wonderful" would be an understatement. sure, it wasn't always easy (thought I might die of sleep depravation the last week of camp) but it was worth it. i built and strengthened important relationships with friends whether they were from kerrville, texas or franklin, tennessee.

i think that's my favorite part about retreating to LLYC every summer--such cool people inhibit that canyon and growing in community there i've made some of the best friends i'll ever have. i laughed more, i cried, i had long conversations listening to the most fascinating lives, struggles, and joys. 

here's a short video of my time at camp. as soon as i'm back in my daily routine, i'll be more regularly updating and and will most likely fill in more on my summer, and life in general.