i've said it before and i'll say it a million more times, i obtain a ridiculous amount of inspiration from wes anderson films. 

young wes who i would have a crush on--it's the clear glasses frames i think. source

young wes who i would have a crush on--it's the clear glasses frames i think. source

i stumbled upon this shirt the other day and was so incredibly tempted to purchase it.

he's criticized for being too self-aware, but i don't mind that. he knows what he likes and who he is and so he sticks to his guns.

i was having a conversation the other day about art and how it's powerful. i was discussing some of the recent arcade fire albums--i loved reflektor, but i think that the suburbs is more raw because you can hear the pain in the music. the triumph. the experience.

i think that's what i love about wes anderson. he shows what his brain is. his art is completely his own. take Rushmore--it's based off his high school experience. i hope that i make art that deals with the pain i've experienced in my life. i often tell people that my instagram account, this blog, etc.--these things are how i see the world. they're my perception and i find that very true of the style of wes anderson. i wish i saw the world as wes does.

here's the first video i made this summer. i'm currently working on my 3rd video (7th of all time!)

it's hard to continue to come up with inspiration and new things for videos--especially when they're held to certain standards. i was happy to add my handwritten text to these videos, but i wanted to come up with something never before done with the third session and it was completely and totally wes anderson inspired. can't wait to show y'all.


also can't wait to come back to this blog. i miss it so much. it's going to be an awesome year.


keep doin' you, wes. xoxo, peyton.