you guys, this may be the best summer of my LIFE. only two weeks down and i'm having a ball. i haven't taken that many terrific photos (when you spend your entire day with a camera, you kind of want to take a break--funny, huh?) but i'm learning so much, whether that's about Jesus or filming or even building relationships.


one thing that my good friend Grant talked about was sin. he said that we view sin as something nasty, gross and "you're bad if you do that." he said that sin was just getting your loves out of order. i never thought about it that way. Adam and Eve loved the thought of knowledge and gave that greater power than they gave the Lord. gluttons give a disproportional amount of love to food. those who lust are giving the wrong amount of love to beauty and that intense desire. i think we often view sin as black and white--even more, i think high school kids and college kids sometimes view sin as you drink or you don't. i think it's simpler and not as frightening as that. he also likened sin to that of taking a bite out of an apple. once you take the bite from the apple, it begins to rot in that place. it can't go back to the way it was and no matter what, it's eventually going to rot. it shows there's something broken in the apple. i think that's what pain is. we experience pain because there's something broken within us, something isn't right, that's why there's a part in us that is rotting away. the pain is a result of sin, we're putting our loves out of order. 

i think Grant is the wisest man i've ever met. he's going to divinity school next year and he reminds me of my freshman year english teacher. he's like the wise & witty older brother i never had and i'm looking forward to becoming better friends with him.

there are so many new people at camp this summer (yes, i'm that annoying girl who's been there forever) and i love it. i've gotten the opportunity to meet and befriend all different people. this is one of my fellow photographers, elise, and me.


elise has a hilarious, sarcastic sense of humor and we've gotten along great. i'll be sad when she leaves in two weeks.

this is amy with whom we first bonded over being kappa sisters, ha! i hope to one day be as optimistic as amy. she's one of my absolute humans on this earth.

and as always, here's me and the good, (sometimes) dependable sony.


you guys. i really love this place. these people. and my job.


that's all for now.