without a doubt, letters are my favorite mode of communication. as i'm gearing up to leave for the summer, i've been working on designing my own stationery (!!!) which has been so exciting. let's just say, if you WON'T regret writing me a letter this summer. (#confetti #stickers #calligraphy #SWAK) 

back in november when i visited rosee in santa monica, we perused the hippest street (abbot kinney) and we stopped into one of the destinations on my to-do list: urbanic paper boutique. i may or may not have shed a tear upon walking into the glorious heaven that is urbanic. not only is the interior gorgeous, but the store is curated with such beautiful taste. oh how i wish i lived in santa monica just so i could walk into urbanic every day (my wallet is thanking me right now that i live one thousand miles away). 

when looking for letter inspiration, i typically head straight over to urbanic's instagram which is operated by founder audrey woollen.

my phone ends up a little damp because i'm drooling over the beautiful mail she receives and her incredible stock.

moral of the story? follow this gal and write me letters.