one of the best parts of sophomore year was meeting grace anne.

grace anne is one of the most loving, kind & joy-filled human i know. she's one of my favorite humans without a doubt, and when i get married you better believe she'll be up there with me as one of my bridesmaids. heck, she's my "little sister" so she's practically blood, right?

we laugh a lot together for a multitude of reasons one being that we're basically the same person. okay, so we're different, but we have a lot of strange similarities for people who just met less than a year ago.

since we're both from san antonio, we took the opportunity to hang out and celebrate the start of summer with some donuts & some hammocks.

i'm lucky i get to be friends with her and i hope to be more like her every day. cheers to a lifetime (& eternity) of being friends, lil' sista.