i think that pinterest gets a bad rep. not to be all hipster on you, but i was actually the first of my friends to have a pinterest. a blogger i loved and adored had joined and so i followed in her footsteps. at the time, it was so small that it was similar to how facebook was in the beginning: you had to either get an invitation to join or request to join. i requested and eventually got on, and at the time it was way before exercise boards and creepy thinspo posts were up.

if you know who to follow, pinterest can be one of the most vital resources on the internet for inspiration.

i use pinterest as a total rabbit hole. i get lost in the clicks and turns and where i end up and how i got there and who am i looking at and now who am i following on instagram.

i stumbled upon a really interesting blog/company, and found some cool stuff.

one thing i found was photographer/stylist, andrew b. myers.

here are some of his cool things. definitely inspired by his quirky minimalist style & utilization of shapes.


all images c/o andrew b. meyers. linked above.