i came into college without a clue as to what i actually wanted to do. i wanted to be a cinematographer, a journalist, an author, an actress, a graphic designer--there were so many things i wanted to be and somehow i ended up as an english major.

the decision to switch to advertising didn't have that much thought initially. i thought about changing my major 100 times to all various liberal arts--history, psychology, back to english, but i knew advertising was the closest (out of the design major) that i could get to what i had recently enjoyed: graphic design.

i have learned so much more than i was ever expecting to in advertising. it's cool because advertising is a combination of business, art, history, sociology & psychology. i've really enjoyed myself & find myself more knowledgable than i ever was in any of my english classes.

i'm not sure if i will settle on advertising--i may go get my graduate degree in something else or i may enter a completely different field, but advertising is fascinating.

it's the power to move millions of people.

we all hate ads, i know that, but one of the reasons i want to go into advertising is to make it beautiful & inspiring. we're bombarded with ads everyday, but what if they were thought provoking & inspired you to change yourself and the world?

okay, cheese-ville, but still. while many consider advertising manipulative, which it absolutely is, it has a very loud voice.

also, what if we weren't just advertising products, but ideas & inspiration? these are a couple of my favorite ads that i've stumbled on recently.



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