although i start an online class tomorrow for the next two weeks, it's officially summer! HOLLAH! i survived the final tests, the final finals, applications, moving out, reorganizing my room, etc.! which let me tell you, none of those were easy.

i saw this inner tube & knew it was made for me (& vice versa) so a dip in the pool was a necessity. i'm taking it out for a date with my little, grace anne, on tuesday & am stoked.

some people are super into fall, others spring, but i'm A L L about summer. walking my dog after dinner with my family, late nights in my bed watching movies, art projects, swimming, ice cream, and no accounting within a good 50 mile radius of my brain. if you've kept up with this blog, or you know me, then you know i've spent a portion of the last ten summers of my life at laity lodge youth camp & i'm thrilled to be going back.


until then, i have some fun adventures planned & i hope you're along for the ride. woooohohohohohohooooooo!