hey hey hey heeeeyyyy.


you guys, i'm super pumped about this whole new platform. yes, i will admit that i miss blogger a smidgen, but this is so much eaaaasier.

well i never got to tell you how the concerts went. i won't lie, my life changed a little bit last week.


i forgot how much i love local natives, and when i saw them live, my heart skipped a couple beats.

okay, that's dramatic, but their sunny melodies remind you of their LA origin & you can't help but smile when you look at taylor rice, or any of the other guys in the band.

the guy who opened for them was named Moses Sumney and with a loop recorder (not sure what those are actually called...) he recorded his voice as a musical instrument. it was very interesting. he did a cover of majical cloudz that was SO COOL. 

i can't remember the exact order, but the set list was amazing. the only song i wish i had heard was cubism dream, but they made up for it with a cover they made of johnny cash.

needless to say that was cool. they ended the encore with sun hands and the crowd went insane. my favorite part was when they played either world news or airplanes. i have some great memories of those songs from first semester so it was more the stuff attached to the songs rather than the actual songs.

if you get the chance to see these guys live, GO !


my future roommate sarah & the stage

my future roommate sarah & the stage

arcade fire may have changed my life a little bit. i L O V E arcade fire. i've loved them for about 4 years, and it's been on my bucket list to see them live. the came to ACL a couple years ago, but i was in high school and had to get home so couldn't go see them. 

the stage//discoball reflektor human

the stage//discoball reflektor human

the show started off with a man in a suit that had a cube made of LCD screens on his head. on the screens, was rick perry, we all started singing Deep in the Heart of Texas, then next thing you know he's introducing Barack Obama... a human with giant paper mache head of Barack Obama that is. the whole concert was a little strange and a little controversial, as next the band came out with paper mache heads of themselves. later in the evening, the pope even made an appearance with a paper mache head.

confetti cannons during afterlife.

confetti cannons during afterlife.

the songs were incredible, and i may have cried a little bit at the end of the night when they started playing wake up. their biggest message was celebrating your oddities, and not being a normal person. they upheld that message a lot. which, honestly, is an important message which i think sometimes is drowned out in its frequency and cliche nature. i loved it and want to see them again live, very soon. (speaking of... ACL lineup comes out Tuesday)


sarah was the perfect person to come with me. although she didn't know many AF songs, she danced, sang along, had a positive fun attitude and was just... the epitome of fun. she ROCKS--i could go on and on and on. it was really our first time to hang out since becoming future roommates (housemates?) and i'm ridiculously excited to live with her. she'll be on this blog a ton next year, and i'm not sorry in the least bit. girl's got sparkle.


happy easter & i'll be making design edits to this website/blog all weekend.

excited for this new adventure with you ppl.