i love movies. a lot. beyond what the characters make me feel or the imaginative screenplay, i really really love the artistry in a motion picture. this isn't just the case for film, but television as well. directors, creators, and artists all have some piece of them in their work, some trademark style. some styles are more obvious than others (ahem, wes.) but as a whole each style is a beautiful and unique reflection of one's incredible mind & how one views the world around them.

i found this one user on vimeo (i've mentioned his wes anderson "from above" video before) and his cuts video work leave me in awe. he has an incredible eye and i hope his compositions move you as much as they moved me.

his vimeo account has more where that came from, but i hope you enjoy these three. i'm going to be honest, the breaking bad one made me tear up a little. is that embarrassing? probably.