i can't believe that this semester is almost over. it feels like i blinked and missed it. one thing i've noticed about myself more than any other semester is how drained and exhausted i've felt the whole time. last night i put aside all my responsibilities & quieted the voice in my head about to do lists. for the first time in months, i made time for something i loved: making a video. i made creativity a priority. my flow is to create.

after making my short (15 second...) video, i felt so much better. it was all i had to focus on and it reminded me how much i loved making videos. no longer did i feel exhausted. no longer did i feel overwhelmed by life. i just reveled in the good feeling of making something new and finding the connections between music, image and word to make something magical. i loved it.

who knew that making time for the things you loved was so important?