it was a scorching 90-something degrees here in austin today (sort of making that up, but i did wear shorts and a tshirt to class, so you know it wasn't that cold) but when the seasons are changing there's certain music i equate with each month/change of weather.

it's not almost winter, it's barely fall, but i was recently reminded of one of my loves of winter: james blake.

sometimes when i hear a song, i just revel in the sound. it's almost like it's pouring into my soul. that's how i feel about james blake's voice. it's just GOOD. his voice is not what i expect from the way he looks, and the way his music is really honest. i bought his vinyl for overgrown and it's one of my favorites to set up in my record player. if you're in the mood for something to put on your upcoming winter playlist, look into JB (james blake, certainly not justin bieber).

i have good memories associated with this guy. my roommate last year & i were supposed to see him in concert until he canceled his austin show. i've heard he's incredible live. hopefully one day i'll see this british babe. (kill me for that last sentence).

check out this beautiful music video to overgrown below.