ACL 2014


i love acl. a lot. this year was a little stressful because i was EXHAUSTED from school work (man, this semester is seriously kicking my butt) but i did find the time to enjoy it all... a lot.

top shows were without a doubt tune-yards & the avett brothers. i've been d y i n g to see tune-yards perform and it was everything and more (minus the majority of the crowd who had no idea what we were listening to and were only in it to wait for iggy azaela... did i even spell that right?) merril garbus was insane and her music is so honest. 

the first weekend i went with emily & grace. the second weekend my friend lily came in town because her mom was performing at acl...isn't that UNREAL? so freaking cool. her whole family is so cool.

here are some photos to recap those weekends. wish i was back in the land of denim cutoffs & live music, rather than where i am right now... which is neither of those things...