sources found through my pinterest

sources found through my pinterest

tomorrow i plan on writing all about my ACL experience. my favorite day was without a doubt, saturday. there was a moment on saturday where i felt 1000% euphoric. it was just as the sun was going down, emily & i were exhausted but hyped, & broken bells had just started their set. their set was glittering and the jazzy "after the disco" was playing. we just skipped along through the crowd of ACL dancing to this song. i just added it to my current 24/7 playlist . as i was listening to this song it made me feel so GOOD & as i'm listening now it's making me smile just remembering the freedom and exuberance from the first time i heard it. 

currently listening: broken bells.

currently seeing: stars, metallics, pinks/blues/purples, marbleized, shiny