it's the modest mouse song that says "even if things get heavy we'll all float on..."

i love that song. maybe it's the upbeat tempo that you can't help smiling to or the clever lyrics ("i ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what did i say, well you just laughed it off and it was all okay.") or it's just the general gist of the song: "bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands, good news will work its way to all them plans."

i think we need to keep this mantra of continuing to float on, but what about another type of floating on? what about the plague of the 21st century: the obsession with being busy.

last week was one of the busiest of my year. i stayed up until two editing away drafts for projects and uncontrollably woke up at 6 every morning with the thoughts of everything i had to do. i'd go to my internship and leave with 30 text messages about working on projects, getting business cards printed (gag me that i have to do that for one of my classes), how i was going to study for a quiz the next day, or arrangements for some of my friends who were coming in town for the weekend. 

my brain was racing. i wasn't sleeping. but honestly, i kind of enjoyed it.

i spent the last year with nothing to do but sit around and be sad about having nothing to do, and now that i have plenty to do, i'm stressed. there's no in between or contentment found in where i am.

i think our generation has an obsession with being preoccupied, to the extent it makes me sad. we want to see how many pictures we can end up on facebook or how many color coded things we can fill on our calendar (maybe that's just me--it looks prettier idk), or maybe we just hate the thought of being still.


i lost a friend to being busy. he said he didn't have time to be my friend. and that's okay. but actually... is it okay? are we starting to sacrifice meaningful relationships out of a desire to do x, y or z? and better yet, do we have a choice about this? are we making time for the things that are important to us?

well, i know last week i certainly wasn't. 

i don't have much to say. i don't really know what i'm saying here. this is just what's happening to my brain as i begin to start the cycle over with two incredibly difficult tests this week. i hope you're staying afloat, but more importantly, i hope you're leaving time to do nothing, and sit on your garage roof and watch the sunset and remember that in 5 years you're not going to remember that marketing test you had... (sorry, talking to myself here.)