okay, so i've mentioned refinery29 a lot lately, but i spend a lot of time reading their articles and today i stumbled on a rather hilarious one titled "the eight people you meet at music fests." 

from the dancing dad, to the couple who may be glued together and even the "eternally spinning flower child(ren)" this article was crazy accurate.
those new balance--ON POINT!

i've only been to ACL but may be going to lollapalooza this year (okay, i'm DYING to go to lolla...just not sure if this is the year or not) and while, in my opinion, ACL is probably the least expansive of The Big Four, i've run into each of the type of people described in this article (the mud people--please you guys don't know what that mud consists of... ew)

this article talked a lot about the stylish type--i feel like that's lacking at ACL. yes, there are people with MAD style, but there's no alexa chung or agyness deyn. insert my dream to go to Coachella. 

while the writing of this article was hilarious, it was the illustrations that got me. i have a strange fascination with water color and thought these illustrations were adorable. the artist is named stacey rozich and she is C O O L. 

homegirl, teach me your WAYS. both your ways of being cool and your ways of watercolor (i will N E V E R understand how to water color which is pathetic...) 
stacey lives in seattle and crafts her own folklore narratives. these photos and more about her are from the warby parker blog.

here's a cool interview.

Stacey Rozich Interview from BossnotBoss on Vimeo.

check out more of her stuff. i'm super inspired.


link to original article from refinery29 and source of images here.