i'm crazy about balloons. clinically INSANE about balloons. weird? definitely. i think balloons are the one thing in science that i can get behind and enjoy. this whole thing about a "world helium shortage," yeah that's gotta change.

my love of balloons started at a young age. this past weekend we were watching old home videos and at my sister's 5th birthday party, i did laps around the table clinging onto a yellow balloon with a dinosaur on it.

is it possible to make that house from Up? if so, someone hit me up with a real-estate agent because that is my dream

the first photo is from my birthday party this past year. my mom asked what was the one thing i wanted, and i told her, a big balloon. she made a MASTERPIECE. a giant, 36" balloon attached with other balloons & frills in some of my favorite colors. i imagine she was inspired by my hero, Jihan Zencirli.

Jihan is the creative constructor behind Geronimo Balloons. I left it out in my other post, but working for Geronimo--now THAT'S my dream come true. i love the way Jihan operates and how she is changing the world, one frill at a time.

it's incredibly possible that jihan is my soul sister, you guys. this girl GETS IT. SO MUCH.

if you think i'm kidding about this balloon thing, check out my pinterest board. i'm obsessed.

if anyone wants to surprise me, balloons. that's the way to go.

mylar, rubber, water (okay maybe not water balloons), i don't discriminate. i love 'em all.