let me begin by saying the title of this epic trip is not a spelling mistake--it's a pun on my car's name.

if you remember, i talked about travis just a couple posts ago (i've been terrible about posting lately. blame it on the school schedule--actually though, that's all i've been up to lately) and as expected i got a new car.


and Oli rocks. he's adorable and fits my personality well. but he's no travis and he never will be (just like travis will never be an oliver--he's just 20 years behind)

i wasn't about to let go of travis though--that would be too easy. so i got my friend allison and somehow convinced her to make the 12 hour drive with me to Santa Fe, NM (the land of blue corn and turquoise and apparently... subarus--we counted at least 100). my dad has a lovely home there and is in the process of expanding property--travis was going to find a new home in the heart of NM. where he would no longer stall out on me at stoplights and have brakes that would run out (can we just take a moment of silence for the time my BRAKES QUIT WORKING?!)

the trip was e p i c. it was only about 72 hours but we really lived up every second and i thin that's how life is supposed to be. it was so cool getting to be a witness to the Lord on the road. I get so caught up in life i forget to witness the wonder and amazement around me. this trip was the perfect excuse to just let me my head out the window and experience that FREEDOM--the SPIRIT of the Lord. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

after working so much with a go pro camera this past summer at camp, i decided to invest in one for myself. and what a BRILLIANT investment! we took photos, videos, and looked like complete dorks with cameras attached to our heads--but i wouldn't change it for the world.

between stopping on the side of the road to almost get killed/take cool photos, stopping by the roswell UFO museum, and witnessing God's beautiful creation, there was little time for actual rest. it was more of a spiritual rest. like here you are, with one of other person and the big open road.

i learned a lot about allison--her favorite animal is a giraffe. we've been friends for a year and a half (almost exactly) and i didn't know that.

we also just LAUGHED a ton. allison is one of my funniest friends. it was fun just taking deep breaths and laughing at each other.

if you haven't been on a road trip in a long time, grab a buddy and go explore. it sure did change this week/month/YEAR and reinforced year of the peyton.

below is an "eh" video of our go pro footage. i can't wait to get better.


please ignore my other videos completed for a school project... #embarrassing

you can listen to the... unique... playlist i made (it never bored us for some reason ) on my spottily account under the title "goodbye travis." one of the weirdest combinations of music of all time.